What is Volatility in Casino Slots

The volatility in casino slots also referred to as the slot variance basically comes down to the risk involved. The term volatility is commonly used in slot terms to advise the player how much he/she can expect in payouts based on the risk they’re prepared to take.

Volatility in Casino Slots

As applied in slots, the word volatile refers to the amount of risk that is inherent in that precise title. Volatility is used to describe how much the player can expect to win as well as how often the wins would occur. High volatility slots are mostly known for their dry spells that only features occasional win, although the win is then quite significant. On the other side there the slots that pay out often. We can call those slots Low volatility slots which provide constant payout which case the payout amounts are relatively small.

Casino Slot Volatility

Volatility Levels

Online slots are basically divided into three different volatility levels, these are the high volatility casino slots, the medium volatility casino slots and the low volatility casino slots. The volatility placement of slot enables the player to identify a game that offers payouts in a fashion he/she prefers most, some players love constant rewards, while others prefer to wait for the big wins.

  • High Volatility Slots

In high volatility casino slots, there is a huge difference between the minimum and maximum wins. In most cases the volatility can also be determined according to the jackpot size, the larger the amount offered by the jackpot/s, the higher is the volatility that the player could expect. Multi-million jackpots are often awarded via high volatility slots that are also riskier. Find more about online casino jackpots.

High volatility slots are most favoured by high rollers who enjoy the excitement part of taking big risks in return for massive rewards. While it just makes it easier to explain that slots featuring high jackpot payouts are normally high volatility, several other slots fall into this category and the easiest to identify these are by the large wins offered via combination payouts.

Basically, high volatility means taking huge risks to potentially enjoy humongous rewards. High volatility slots are perfect for slots enthusiasts with a bankroll large enough to spin through the dry patches to ultimately reach bonus stages such as free spins, or combination wins that could offer up to 10,000X. Below you can find some of the sample High volatility slots available

  1. Gonzo’s Quest (95.97% RTP) ( To play click here)
  2. Jack and the Beanstalk (To play click here)
  3. Dead or Alive ( 97.8% RTP) (To play click here)
  4. Piggy Riches  (96.38% RTP) (To play click here)

  • Medium Volatility Slots

Medium volatility slots are the perfect in betweeners, both high, medium and low payouts appear at regular intervals. Players enjoy plenty of mid-sized and low wins regularly, although they also stand the chance to enjoy larger payouts. It is the happy medium as it caters for players who have a lower bankroll but still wish to be in line for big payouts. With the medium volatility slots, the regular wins could keep your bankroll fed until a big payout comes along worth around a maximum of 1,000 times.

Medium volatility slots are perfect for players who have a reasonable budget and enjoy taking medium risks while still chasing big wins, mostly provided by a combination of wilds. Below you can find the Low volatility slots. If you want to play free casino slot games, you can also visit casino slots page to play for free.

  1. Hotline ( 96.13% RTP) (To play click here)
  2. Emoji Planer me ( 96.09% RTP) (To play click here)
  3. Dracula ( 96.58% RTP) (To play click here)

  • Low Volatility Slots

The easiest way to identify a low volatility slot is that the difference between the minimum and maximum payouts are not a huge difference. Low volatility slots are hugely popular as these awards regular small to medium payouts. The benefit of playing low volatility slots is that the smaller wins continuously keep the bankroll fed, which provides the player with prolonged play. The major advantage is that low volatility means low risk, which makes these the perfect game for new players as well as players with lower bankrolls and casual players.

One of the most popular low volatility slots known to all is NetEnt’s Starburst video slot, used most in no deposit free spins bonuses due to its regular payouts.

  1. Starburst ( 96.00% RTP) (To play click here)
  2. Dazzle me ( 96.09% RTP) (To play click here)
  3. Aloha Cluster Pays ( 96.42% RTP) (To play click here)

Determining Volatility

The easiest way to determine a slots volatility is to look at the payouts offered via a combination formed by 4 identical symbols vs the payouts for 5 identical symbols. It the difference between the two is 3 up to 5 times the amount, the game is most likely a low variance slot.

If the difference between a combination formed via 4 identical symbols and 5 is from 5 times up to 10 times, it is a medium variance slot. Should the difference between a payout offered for 4 identical symbols vs 5 identical symbols be 15 x or more, you are looking at a high variance slot.


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