What is RTP on Casino Games

What is RTP on Casino Games

What is RTP on Casino games is a very basic question for every new casino players. Whether you enjoy classic, video or progressive slots, and read slot guides, articles or new game reviews they all mention the RTP, which is an abbreviation for the Return To Player. RTP refers to the potential calculated return the slot offers the player, normally presented as a percentage. Without completely understanding the meaning of RTP percentages it is almost impossible for online players to ensure that they get the most from their slot spinning sessions. By knowing what a fair, good or excellent slot return to player percentage is, UK players can select games that optimise their chances of winning.

Casino Games Return To Player Percentages Explained

Slots payout averages are determined by their RTP, which is similar to the house edge that defines the winning odds on classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. Online casino RTP rates are expressed as a percentage of the total winnings divided by the total wagering by players. This applies to all games from older classic casino games to the latest or most modern video slots. The RTP percentage is theoretical, which means the winnings players achieve at slots require an extensive time-period to gather enough data before an accurate calculation can be made, the RTP does not represent the current payouts or what is paid every time the slot is played.

Return To Player Payout Percentage (example: Should players play an online video slot offering an RTP percentage of 95% it does not mean that for every €1 played an average loss is €0,05 and the win €0,95 occurs. The indicated win worth €0.95 count towards other players win/payout and when you win €50,00 that amount is a combination of several players indicated wins worth €0,95. The payout rate or return to player of each game is not evenly distributed. With a better knowledge of what the Return To Player percentage is all about, you may want to calculate potential casino payouts for yourself.

Return To Player Calculation

The most exciting part of gambling and particularly online casino gaming is the uncertainty of the outcome of the next spin or bet. Your bet worth €1,00 could deliver a win worth five, tens or hundreds of other players wins worth €0,95. By wagering a total of €10,00 in a single session and cashing out a win worth €350 from it, it is easy to calculate the 3,500% RTP. Obviously, such a great an would mean that several other players enjoyed a much lower RTP percentage than indicated by the game payout rate. Whether online players prefer uncomplicated classic slots or action-packed video slots play, it is clear to see that the RTP percentage varies from one spin to the next.

It is practically impossible to pre-determine the RTP payout percentage, although, with the knowledge of how it works, players can make a better informed guess, should they keep a close track on their winnings and wagers, although it remains an estimate.

Return To Player versus House Edge

Once online players understand the RTP and the importance it plays in the consideration of their slots selection. Moving over to classic casino card and table games present players with yet another challenge, the house edge. Online baccarat, blackjack, and poker offer a house edge of around 3%, while online slots feature an RTP percentage of about 94% or more. House edge defines the exact opposite of the return to the player percentage, the house edge of 3% indicates the theoretical percentage that players could potentially lose to the house.

While slot players seek out games with the highest RTP percentage, they should select classic casino games according to the lowest house edge. Basically, house edge and RTP are two sides of the same coin, traditional games favoured for their low casino advantage include Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack offering a RTP of 99.91% while Aces & Eights Video poker features a 99.09% RTP.

Online slots offering some of the highest RTP percentages include Goblin’s Cave offering a 99.3% RTP, Ugga Bugga at 99.1% RTP and Ocean Princess with a 99.1% created by Playtech.

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