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Perhaps, you have heard over and over again about the Slingo game. How much attention have you paid to know what it entails? In recent years, we have seen huge interest from the players in Slingo games,but what is special about the Slingo Bingo games? How does Slingo Bingo works? Which online casino sites offer Slingo Bingo games and many more

In this post, we have carefully outlined all the things you need to know about this popular online casino game. From the idea that it is a blend of bingo games and slot machines, to the tricks and tips that win you huge money, this article offers you everything.

How about how to play Slingo and how it differs from other conventional slots and bingo games? Just take a little sip and journey with this article.

What is Slingo?

Surely, if you’ve come across the exciting bingo game and the traditional slot machine, then the blend of the two makes a Slingo. Slingo combines a 75-ball bingo plus slot machine and is usually played on a 5×5 grid.

Slingo looks exactly like your bingo card. But, hey Slingo’s reels are located right below the game. On each reel is just a space of a visible slot machine. It is no more the play-for-fun thing you used to know, Slingo has now gone lucrative.

What’s more, Slingo offers an extensive gameplay experience and options. So, if you love bingo and slots, then you’ll love Slingo.

Don’t stop here, because that’s not enough to know Slingo!

How do you play? 

You can’t be content with the features of any online slot game if you don’t get familiar with how to play it. Slingo is one of the simplest games to play.

The rules:

  1. As a slot game, Slingo offers each player 20 spins on the slot machine.
  2. Every spin has a time limit. Put simply, there is a time frame within which you must spin the reels.
  3. You can obtain free spins, but most spins are paid for.

Now, follow these simple steps to play Slingo.

  • Pick a number on your 5×5 Bingo card.
  • Now, like you normally do on slot games, you’ll need to spin the reels of the slot machine while you pray that the number you’ve selected comes up.

The blunt truth before we move on: if the number appears, you win; if it doesn’t, you lose.

How to Win At Slingo?

Winning is the deal for every player, right? Before you can win on Slingo, then you must have an aggregate number of points that are allocated to your score. Anyway, that depends on the Slingo bingo variant you choose and the action was taken after a spin. But there is a point accumulation system which is common to all Slingo bingo variants. The table below will guide you on how the system works.

  Action Points Aggregate
Clearing a line on the board (horizontally, vertically, diagonally) 150
Having a coin symbol appear on a spin 500
Clearing a line on the board (horizontally, vertically, diagonally) 500
Spinning four jokers in one spin 1500
Marking off a number on the board 1000
Spinning five jokers in one spin 7500
Clearing the entire card (bonus is proportional to number of spins used) 12 Spins – 700
13 Spins – 50,000
14 Spins – 19,000


 Winning Tips and tricks on Slingo 

To be a winner on the Slingo game, knowing the action, rules and point accumulation system is not enough. There are tips and tricks you should get acquainted with. One, it is the player with the most points in a multi-player Slingo game that becomes the winner. To gain more points, follow these steps:

Rule 1: Use Powerups

Bad news: not every Slingo bingo game has this option. But if the one you choose has, then use it optimally to your advantage to gather the points that place you on the winning side.

Rule 2: Don’t waste your multipliers

3x and 5x multipliers are like lifelines which you must save as much as possible. Only use them at the tail end, that is, the last minute to be able to accumulate points.

Rule3: Call for Devil’s Protection.

Yes, it is the Devil! You read it. You can only see the Devil’s Protection feature on the Slingo variant that has minigames. It helps to protect your balance against the Devil’s symbol which usually appears briefly but could damage your points.

How Slingo differs from Bingo and Slot

  • Unlike in Bingo and Slot, the slot machine in Slingo is situated below the game.
  • Slingo’s player can only see one symbol on the reel after a spin. However, in Bingo and Slot, the visible symbols can be 3 or more.
  • New Additional symbols (such as Joker, Gold Coin, Super Joker, and Free Spin) make Slingo an advanced game.
  • Slingo is a multi-player game, a feature bingo and slot do not have.


You can find Slingo variants such as Slingo Riches and Slingo Extreme, and a host of other ones on the PlayStore of your Andriod or iPhone devices. Good luck as you play Slingo.

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