Self exclusion

Certain terms often catch the attention of players in the gaming and gambling industry. One of them is self-exclusion. Also known as voluntary exclusion, the term means a process of asking a gambling operator or casino owner to exempt you from gambling for a certain amount of time. This is a measure often used by problem gamblers. You can find trusted UK casino sites offer online self exclusion

It means a way in which bettors and gamblers decide to abstain from betting activities. It also refers to a system in which individual casino players choose not to be involved in any activities whether online or offline. It is a measure to guard against the temptation of spending beyond your means as a result of gambling.

You don’t have to close down your casino account each time you don’t want to gamble. Simply ask for your operator to exempt for a certain period when you would have sorted out some things and then come back. It can be also considered as a temporary block for the time being that is selected by the player during the self exclusion process.

How long does self-exclusion last?

It is up to you to decide the length of the period you want to abstain from betting and online gambling. You can choose the duration of your exclusion from the online gambling site or land base casino. However, typically, the period of exclusion usually ranges between six months to five years. What that implies is that you cannot access betting services in those centers and online casinos where you have asked to be excluded until the period expires. You can as well ask for renewal or discontinuity of self-exclusion.

Under UK law provided by UK Gambling Commission, for example, gambling operators are expected to provide self-exclusion as a mandatory option on their website. However, the responsibility to continue with self-exclusion lies with the player, but gambling operators and casino owners also have a discretionary role to protect players and reasonably extend the period within which such extension can take place. Any operator must not allow players access any self excluded players during the self exclusion process. In case this happens or by mistake having a contact with the players, operators will face with big fine bythe  local autorities.

How can I self-exclude from gambling?

To get yourself excluded from the service of casino operators and gambling activities, there are generally two ways you can employ.

  1. First one is to seek help from a licensed casino operator. The other is to use a scheme to exempt you from gambling. You can use either online responsible gambling tool on those website or alternatively you can call customer service agent and request self exclusion from their service.

How do you know whether an operator is licensed or eligible to exempt you?

You can self-exclude either by going to the casino operators you gamble with or you use multiple companies at the same time and request self exclusion from all brands they have. For example, if you want to self-exclude from a venue, simply search for the Responsible Gambling of the website or their help section to quickly ask for details on how to self-exclude.

2- Second option to self-exclude is to use the various available self-exclusion schemes provided by licensed operators. The following listed schemes operate the ‘multiple-operator’ system of self-excluding yourself from gambling. Basically once you register with any of the services below such as “GAMSTOP” you will automatically self excluded from any UK online gambling sites.

  • GAMSTOP: with the help of this measure, problem gamblers can seamlessly easily self-exclude from the service of many operators in one go.
  • Arcades and Adult Gaming Centres: you can self-exclude by nominating from a single arcade or select several arcades you wish to self-exclude from. The staff of any of the arcades can help you on the go.
  • Betting shops / Bookmakers: you also have the option to nominate the betting shops you wish to self-exclude from. It is better to choose the ones that are close to you. If you use more than the bookmaker, then reach them by calling the helpline.
  • Bingo halls: simply register at your local bingo club to self-exclude from licensed bingo premises across Great Britain. Go to their website online to indicate your interest.
  • Casinos: With the use of SENSE you can voluntarily enroll in any scheme to self-exclude from all land-based and online casinos in the UK.

What is GAMSTOP?

GAMSTOP is one of the most popular scheme to stop irresponsible gambling behaviour. GAMSTOP is largely being used to self-exclude by most UK and NI gamblers. It became a nationwide scheme, it allows anyone to automatically self-exclude from gambling operator. When a player register with GAMSTOP, it informs operators about the interest for player self-exclude. Kindly visit their website for more information at

It is important to note that once you have self-excluded from online gambling through GAMSTOP, you can not bet in any betting shop or land-based halls.

As, we support responsible gambling and only promote online casino sites that allow users to self exclude easily. If you think you have a gambling problem please visit one of the professional website to get some assistance. For more info click

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