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online casino in indiaNo doubt, the market of online casino in India is expansive. It is one of the biggest things in the online casino and gaming industry in Asia, and indeed in the world. The market provides platform for a large number of participants.

Despite the strict legal prohibition of gambling and chance-based activities by the Indian central government, many states in their respective stepped-down local regulatory provisions have made it possible for players, actors and investors in online casino in India to be actively involved and willing to expand the market wider.

With this in mind, there are quite several licensed online casinos that operate in India. As much as we have massive licensed online casino operators in India, we also have quite a huge number of them that also defraud and operate under no or fake licenses. This is not peculiar to the Indian online Casino market; the global nature of gambling, gaming and risk-taking ventures as well as legit businesses also parade fake operators and players.

In this article, we have carefully selected the top best online casinos in India. If you’re looking at the best place to play your online games with peace of mind, high-quality services, incredible bonuses and special offers, great payouts, and fantastic customer support services, the online casinos highlighted here represent them. Never fall into the hands of big-investment-low-return online casinos in India. For Top 5 online casinos in india you can visit our special page for it.

Top Online Casino Sites in India

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Why Join Indian Online Casinos

Globally, the regulatory restriction on online casino and gaming platforms outside Europe and the United States has shriveled so much so that it has handed huge opportunities to millions of potential investors and gamblers. Now, there are prospects to transform poverty into riches and make some cool cash off gambling.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Indian Casinos


Having studied the regulation and guidelines that underpin playing gambling and chance-reliant ventures in India, you have to also know how to register at Indian online casino. Put differently, Indian online casino has unique process that may be different from other gambling platforms out there.

Make no mistake about it, wrong registration process on any online casinos and gaming sites could frustrate your initial vision and truncate your chance of getting any return on investment.

Adequate faithfulness to all registration rules and procedures puts you in good stead to engage your preferred casino. Conversely, once you fail or refuse to follow the steps faithfully and properly could lead to you being disqualified.

In this post, we shall take you through all you need to know and the steps you need to follow to register at Indian online casino without any hitch and start playing with massive bonus.

  1. Select a Casino

Information, they say, is king. Especially when you’re dealing with putting your hard-earned money on risk and chance-taking business, you wouldn’t want to just fill in your personal details on any form you see online. So, you need to be properly guided when it comes to gambling in online casinos.

Interestingly, the edge the digital version of a casino has over land-based casino is huge. There are many more games and promotions that are excellent and reliable from which you can use to your advantage. If you make your comparison to a land-based casino, where food and drink vouchers are their best promos and offers, then you see the difference between a score and a gross. In another way, you also find some of these sites and offers that are not only fake but ridiculously fraudulent.

Never jump the queue. The very first step to register at Indian online casino is to choose your preferred gambling site. Doing this requires some tact and skills. There are so many online casino and gaming sites in India, but be meticulous before you sign up for any of them. It requires serious market study and survey.

To help streamline your search for the best casino(s), it is important you consider using the software each website uses. Then, try to review the cash out each casino offers. Never underestimate the need to read up the gambling sites’ private policies as well as review from customers.

More importantly, scrutinize the licenses under which the casino operates. This point is worth stressing. Not every Indian casino you see online is licensed. Besides, knowing whether they are licensed is not enough; try to find out whether they operate under the Curacao, Malta or UK license. It is often advisable to play on Indian online casino that are licensed by the Maltese or UK Gambling Authorities. They remain the most trusted gambling commissions backed by Indian local laws.

Before dabbling into gambling try to define and narrow down your goals online. Ask yourself what type of the casino games or slots you want to play. Is it the blackjack or video poker? Is it the roulette or? What importance do you think live dealer games or sports betting give to players?

  1. Fill out the registration form

This is the area many potential players make a lot of mistake. Regardless of the site, you’ll be asked to sign up and open a free account. The process will require you more often than not to input your email address and phone number. Before this, it is important you know that most casino sites work with a “join now” or “open account” open. Get familiar with the one your preferred site uses and click it.

In the process, you’ll required to create a password. However, some other online casinos and gambling sites may require some additional information. Be on the lookout for any other specific requirements as may be required by your preferred casino. But make sure the casino is licensed before you enter these personal details.

Usually, the steps are required due to gambling regulations and license guidelines. They are also simple ad take only few minutes on all casino sites. Make sure you add correct and up-to-date information in order to fulfil the terms and condition.

You information must match your details on the payment method you want to use. If for instance, the name on your credit Card is John Powell, do not use Jack Powell if Jack is you other name. Be consistent in the information you enter to avoid being spotted as fraudulent.

  1. Make a deposit and claim bonus

This is an important stage you perhaps should be looking out for when making a decision to play online games. Bear in mind that you cannot play without making an initial deposit, at least to register your intent and interest in trading with the casino. Reaping welcome bonuses and participating in future promotions require that you fund your account. Add money to your e-wallet to claim your welcome bonus reward.

What are Casino welcome bonuses, you may want to ask? The first thing you find out is that online Indian casinos offer different types of bonuses to players and customer. Casino bonuses are similar to the free beer you get when you go to your regular bar. Bonuses serve as a sign of appreciation for your patronage and loyalty.

After you complete your sign-up or registration, you often get a Casino Deposit Bonus.The bonus you get at the point of registration (often called welcome bonus, registration bonus, no deposit bonus) is offered so you try out the casino site or a specific game they promote. Normally, this can be 50% to 200% of the amount you deposit. The bonus is an additional money that allows you to play longer or with bigger bets than you would have had if you only had the initial deposit to play with.

Now comes the wager requirements. Wager requirements are simply what you need to do to be able to withdraw the bonus your casino gives you. It means that there is a minimum number of games you can play with the bonus, and unless you meet this requirement, you can withdraw the bonus. For instance, you’ll need a wagering requirement of 30 if you have ₹1000 in bonus money.

  1. Start Playing your favourite games

Now you are set to start playing. Never forget the rule we already set out. The first step comes before the second; the second before the third and so on. Each of the steps is important to your success or otherwise in online casino games.

Having taken all the first three steps and carefully fulfilled all their requirements hook, line and sinker, then you can now start playing your choice games. Playing also comes with its own rules and guidelines. Be down to earth to learn the ropes before start playing.

Whether you opt for online blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and casino hold’em, you’ll need to study carefully what each demands in terms of the techniques and skills to have before starting. Many established players have their taste and choice in terms of games, and are familiar with some of the rules and techniques required. You’ll do yourself a great service if you can stoop to understand the gimmick and tricks to start playing.


Registering at Indian online casino is simple yet playing on any of the gambling sites requires some understudy. With this article, you’ll equip yourself with the details and information you need to stroll into the fray. Now the ball is in your court. Start playing. But remember, you don’t just only play for the fun of it. Something in the form of a return of investment must flow in the course of you playing. Meanwhile, it is strongly recommend you go through the guides here as they will greatly help you avoid the most common beginner mistakes and regret. Read all the guides to calculating the wagering requirements, as well.






To put the answer in a straight-forward manner, yes, you can securely gamble with real money on online casino. Staking with real money on Indian online casino is as reliably safe as having money kept in SSL encrypted banks.

However, you’ll need to take some background checks and take some first steps to be able to even gamble on online casino in India. Understanding that on every gambling, there is tax attached alone should give the boost that your money is safe.

Maybe the better way to answer is to say yes on condition that you’re dealing with a credible and reputable online casino. Once you’re dealing with a genuine online casino that is regulated and licensed under either of Malta Gaming Authorities or the UK gambling Commission, then be sure that your money is safe.

Researching on the casino you want to deal with about their licensing is the first step to guarantee security of your real money. The second step is to find out if the online casino is secured with SSL encryption. SSL encryption is a serial number generators which gives protection to the account of every player on an online casino. Any casino without this encryption puts your money under threat.

To know that you money is safe you’ll also need to consider the available payment options. Most licensed Indian online casinos use Neteller, Skrill, Credit card (Master and Visa). You’ll will find reputable casinos operating each of these payment (deposit and withdrawals) methods mostly.

Lastly, as a result of lack of mass adoption and restriction on the use of virtual currency (Bitcoin) in many Asian countries, including India, most if not all online casinos in India accept only real money. Never be scared about the safety and security of your money.

Absolutely yes, they are fair. Online casino in India, because they are adequately regulated provides a level playing ground for gamblers and players of the table games. Basically, live table games we have include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Andar Bahar, Dragon Tiger and casino hold’em. Your winnings you should know depend on risk and not skills. Personal preference informs what kind of live table games you play. You are guaranteed fair play with low and high stakes on games you choose to play.

Gambling is incredibly popular in Indian online casinos. Top-rated casinos have one thing in common: they’re powered by the best casino providers in the industry. Players should make it a priority to choose an online casino that utilizes these live casino providers.

What distract some people away from the online casino is the sketchy regulatory regime. However, with clearer explanations on grey areas, millions have pulled resources into it the industry as players and investors. There is nothing to worry about gambling at Indian online casinos.

They are popular; they have become millions of people’s favourites; they have grown and are now expanding more and more to become one of the world’s best gambling destinations

Asking whether you can play for free on Indian online gambling site is like asking if Donald Trump has ever been president of the United States of America. A lot of online casinos in India and across the globe makes provision for free betting.

This comes in the form of a free-to-play or no deposit bonuses. This means that you are offered the chance to play the latest slots, table games and sports betting. This free play also offers you the opportunity to play for free live casino games without making any form of deposit.

This is incredible, right? But here is a caution. Many fraudulent and unlicensed casinos also join the fray, in a bid to entice you with mouth-watering bonuses to stake your hard-earned money. So, be properly guided in your choice of casino you choose to play on their platform.

Meanwhile, playing for free means that you can only make cash withdrawal if you meet a minimum wagering requirement. As it stands, the best casino that offers the best free-to-play service is Jeetwin. You can check out for their amazing offers online.

Be rest assured that when you deposit your money into your online casino account, you’re playing with confidence and trust, knowing full well that your money is backed by serious security, strict regulation and unassailable safety.

The process is as simple answering whether the US Dollar is higher in value than the India Rupee at the international market. Before you can talk of depositing money into your Indian online casino account, you will need to open an account.

Understand which payment methods your preferred casino uses is as important as depositing the money. This is a given, and you should be familiar with that in the first place. Depending on the payment method that is available on your choice casino, Indian online casino deposit process should be quick and safe.

The best and most recommended options so far for making payments when you want to lay at an online casino include Credit card (Visacard and Mastercard), Skrill, Neteller, JCB, PayPal, or a bank wire. These methods are not only popular; they also offer convenience, speed, and security. The choice of which is the best payment method is a function of what payment method you’re comfortable using.

Interestingly, a great piece of news for Indian players is that a number of the online casinos in India out there accept rupees for deposit. If you check online casinos like JeetWin, Royal Panda, LeoVegas, and Betway, they all accept rupees.

The process of depositing real money into your Indian online casino account is by verifying that you know all the acceptable payment methods offered by your choice casino. Once this is confirmed, go ahead and deposit the amount you want to start with.

It is advisable, however, as a starter not to deposit huge or ambitious amount. Once the first deposit is exhausted, you can increase you deposit in subsequent payment. You’ll be charged on every deposit depending on depending on the source of money to be deposited. At most online casinos, deposit is instant.

Take a look at how your deposit processes look like in popular online casino

Method Fee Process time Min Max
VISA & Master card Free Instant 400 2 000 000
Neteller Free Instant 1 000 2 250 000
Skrill Free Instant 350 2 000 000
AstroPay Free Instant 600 350 000
Bank wire Free 2-10 days 7 500 6 000 000
entropay Free Instant 750 2 000 000

The process of withdrawal is as, but not equally simple, as the deposit process. Deposit informs withdrawal in terms of channel. Payment methods for withdrawal usually takes the deposit channel. In other words, if you make your deposit through Mastercard, it is 100% certain your withdrawal will be made through Mastercard.

However, some Indian casinos prefer the use of bank transfer and credit cards for withdrawal, as against the deposit payment method. Never make use of your card if it has not been cleared for international transactions by your bank. Your withdrawals will show on bank transaction statement as paid, and you can claim your winnings.

A look at how your withdrawal processes look like in popular online casino

Method Fee Process time Min Max
VISA & Master card Free 1-5 days 400 2 000 000
Neteller Free Within 12 hours 1 000 2 250 000
Skrill Free Within 24 hours 350 2 000 000
Bank wire Free 2-10 days 4 000 6 000 000

Depending on the online casino you prefer and the source of money to be withdrawn, you will be charged service fee on every withdrawal you make. In most casinos, withdrawal takes some days before it is verified.

Paying taxes on your online casino winnings is not what you can avoid, this must be noted before you dabble into online casino games. But you don’t have to worry a lot about it. You will need to pay taxes on your winnings in India. After all, if you understand the rules and tricks of the games, you can make cool cash. In that way, you’ve got no worries as to playing on Indian online casinos and paying taxes that accrue from your winnings.

For instance, all lotto winnings are regulated by 1948 Income Tax Act of India which makes provisions for the payment of taxes on all risk-reliant activities.

The Act provides that 30 percent of all winnings is deductible on any prize money in excess of 10,000 rupees. Make no mistake trying to avoid or evade payment of taxes. Simply make official report about your winnings on all your income tax return.

Many players of online casino games think that since the law is not explicit about online gambling, they can take advantage of that not return tax on their winnings. This insinuation is not correct and it would amount to cheating on the state if you toe that lane.

Indian tax agencies are all over the place to monitor all tax evaders, and you wouldn’t want to be a culprit in this regard. For the umpteen time, make pay your tax on all winnings on all skill-based and chance-based games

There are quite a lot of things to look out for when you choose to start playing on online casino sites. First, you have be on the look for incredibly lucrative sign-up or welcome bonuses. As a newbie in the industry, claim your bonuses in the processes of creating your account. Some will also offer you weekly free spin promotions.

They will help boost your deposit. All online casinos offer myriad of sign-up bonuses, loyalty rewards, and other perks. These you cannot find with traditional casino comps or fraudulent offshore gambling centres. Online casinos in India come with highly progressive jackpot offerings. Who knows, you might just win a jackpot while going for your routine swimming or health checks.

One other thing that is common to the best Indian online casino sites is that they are all licensed either by the Malta Gambling Authority or the UK gaming commissions. Always try to find that out about your preferred casino.

Again, all best Indian online casino sites offer games with state-of-the-art graphics. The sites look impressively attractive to visitors and players. They look not only attractive but user-friendly. They are designed with interface that is easy to interact with. Good user experience is what you will find with the best Indian online casinos out there.

There are myriad of games you can play on these sites. Your preference is not limited unlike what is obtainable in land-based casino comps. All great Indian online casinos come with a variety of game options you can play and sign-up to. You also have options of playing live casino games and live table games. Take out time to enjoy the latest video slots, blackjack, roulette, and sports betting. You have the option to choose between Casino and Sportsbook


It is also important to note that all best online casinos in India come with ease, speed, convenience and security in terms of deposit and withdrawal methods. Fast withdrawals with IMPS transfer are what define a number of the online casinos in India.

You are not restricted to just few options. There are many of them. Generally, best online casinos in India utilize Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer. But be sure to know which one your casino operates and accepts.


The next time you choose to go online and play game, don’t choose any fraudulent online casino. The ones we have selected for you here guarantees you not only safety on capital but high return on investment. It is not enough to say you are gambling when you don’t have anything to show for it. One thing that can sap your money and render your personal data unsafe is playing slot with online casino in India that have issues with encryption and trust. The other piece of news is that there are other trusted and tested online casinos in India you can deal with, but give the ones here a fair try before trying anyone out. Good luck!

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