The advantage of online slots

Why You Should Play Online Casino Slots at Online Casinos

Personally, we are HUGE fans of online slots. Playing slots online offers players tremendous advantages over playing them at land-based casinos. In this article, we’ll explain what those advantages are, and also point you in the right direction in terms of which online slots may be a perfect fit for you.

Game play

In terms of playing slots online versus in brick and mortar casinos, there is virtually no difference. And that’s the good news. Players that play online will get the same experience and level of excitement.that they would if they played in land-based casinos. In fact, the same slot software manufacturers provide games to both land-based casinos and online live casinos; in other words, they are the same slot games in both cases.

Variety of slots

Every month, slot software manufacturers roll out new, exciting online slot games, spanning standard 1 line 3 reel slot machines (think the classic “fruit” machines where the goal is to line up 3 cherries), 5 reel, multiple pay line slots (which offer up more chances to win as winning pay lines can be horizontal, vertical and across), action-heavy video slots, and even interactive slot machines that take creativity to a whole new level.

Slot players can find online slot machines for any fancy. If you are a fan of Marvel comics, you can find online slots that feature your favorite Marvel superhero (or villain). If you love Monopoly, you can find an online slot machine that is faithful to the popular board game. If you enjoy the television game Wheel of Fortune, then you’ll love it’s online slot game version. Even if you’re a man suffering through a mid-life crisis, there’s an online slot game for that!

Online Slots Offer Huge Payouts At Live Casinos

If you look at the physical space devoted to slots in land-based casinos, you would find that, on average, about ninety percent of their floor space is used for slots. That is a lot of space. And electricity driving the machines. And a lot of employees that need to cater to the needs of thirsty slot players. In other words, land-based casinos have a huge overhead that they need to cover before they can start seeing a profit on slot play.

In the realm of live casinos, this overhead issue doesn’t exist. Online casinos don’t need to cover such costs, so live casinos are able to offer slot players better payouts and often, higher jackpots than what is offered at brick and mortar casinos.

In land-based casinos, slots machines are grouped together and linked, so that all of the slot game play across the entire network contributes to an accumulated (progressive) jackpot, which a really lucky winner could win. Online slots operate the same way, offering the potential of winning a massive progressive jackpot to online slot players.

So how massive of a progressive jackpot are we talking about? Well, many progressive jackpots online are over 1 million dollars (£650,000). Sometimes, they’re won when they are much higher; just ask Giorgos M., a Londoner who won $8,483,000 in 2009 while playing the wildly-popular Mega Moolah online slot game.

Better Bonuses

Generally, online casinos consider online slot players to be the VIPs of the online gaming world, and they do all they can to attract new players. Often, they do this by offering incredible welcome bonuses, match bonuses and other types of bonuses which are usually higher and more advantageous to players than the other bonuses they offer at online table games.

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